Direct Marketing Pros and Cons

The following are forms of direct marketing: Do you remember being given a flyer by someone just outside a train station, advertising a local company recently opened? Do you remember getting some letter from a company listing its line of products that you may be interested in? Do you remember getting a phone call from someone acting as a sales agent, advising you of new offers from a company?As the name implies, direct marketing is sending information directly to consumers, without the need of so-called middle men, to advertise one’s products or services. In this way a company directly communicates with consumers. It has been around for quite some time, and shows no signs of slowing down. With emails and mobile phones, we have now seen a new form of direct marketing – receiving emails and information texts.The strategy does have a lot of benefits for the company and consumer alike. The company can target its audience, hence save money on advertising by focusing on its niche. It also allows the company to build and maintain a good business relationship with its customers, as the company can also use the data it gathers from its direct marketing campaign to improve on current services, or perhaps add another one that may have been recommended by a customer. Letters sent to customers usually allow them to write something, either a reaction or a suggestion, sent back to the company. Direct marketing also lets companies get the quickest results for its campaigns as the information are sent directly to customers who reply within a specified time.Direct marketing does have its share of disadvantages. Many people don’t like the idea of getting ‘junk mail’ or ‘junk texts’ from marketing companies. Instead of winning customers over, some companies risk alienating these same customers. Also, the fact of how they got the customer’s email address or mobile number becomes an issue. Some people see this already as an invasion of privacy. Companies also send out letters and sometimes even product examples to potential customers. With the rise in environmental awareness nowadays, some are saying that this form of marketing takes its toll on nature as it adds to the waste produced annually. There are also some places which ban the distribution of fliers and advertising in the streets. This limits the reach of companies using this strategy.Direct marketing as a form of delivering information to the market about a company still remains a good way to reach out to potential customers.Check this out for more information on direct marketing and niche marketing.